Pre-employment Medical (PEM)

Selecting the right staff for your company can be a difficult process.  Finding people with the right skill sometimes does not mean that person is suited for the position.  Unfortunately applicants will always attempts to enhance their abilities and are not always medically suited for the position.

Workrecover has had extensive experience in assisting employers in the selection process with our pre-employment medical.   We understand the physical and psychological demands required for all industries and will assist you in your screening process.  Often applicants have declared injuries that may seem risky to employer but they are pro-active workers that would be a valuable asset.  Sometimes injuries were not declared to employers so that they have “a better chance” when they are clearly not suited for the position. Our years of expertise in the area will ensure that you will make a better informed choice in your staff selection.

We also provide extensive medical tests for industrial exposure including:

  1. Hazardous substance
  2. Hearing test
  3. Spirometry
  4. Chest X-ray
  5. Drug testing
  6. ECG
  7. Biological monitoring
  8. Asbestos/Silicosis

Our medical will include general biometrics, range of motion movement, urinalysis.  We will also perform a manual handling assessment with assessment of lifting capacity and technique.

We can tailor our medical assessment to your specific company need if you have already developed a specific assessment template to your industry.