We have on-site physiotherapy.   Our physiotherapists are specially trained in occupational health compared to the normal physiotherapist.  Our physiotherapist will see the injury on the date of assessment by the doctor if required and will attend to the injury prior to insurance approval to ensure that treatment is immediately initiated rather than to delay treatment leading to worsening outcome.

Our physiotherapy optimises outcome by providing 30 minutes appointment rather than the average of 15-20 minutes appointment from most other physiotherapists.

We don’t use “machines” to treat injuries as often outcome is compromised.  We focus on active exercises and focus on muscle retraining and strengthening. 

We place physiotherapist in workplaces if required to prevent and treat injuries at your site.  On-site physiotherapist can assess and treat injuries as it happens or for ongoing management to reduce down-time.  The physiotherapist will provide invaluable manual handling assessment for your company with the aim to prevent injuries from occurring.

Our physiotherapist will assess the worker for fitness ability to return to pre-injury duties on a regular basis.  If workplace manual handling problem is identified, our physiotherapist will assess the worker at the workplace to correct their technique specific to the task instead of just assessing the worker against dead weight in the gym.

We apply accelerated treatment response at the initial of injury to ensure injured workers quickly regain their function and recover rapidly.  Our accelerated treatment response has been shown to reduce the recovery timeframe and a faster returning to pre-injury duties.

Our physiotherapist will attend case conferences with the NTD to update NTD of recovery progress with a view to assist the doctor in determining the restriction on Workcover certificate of capacity.

Our physiotherapist will work with Workrecover doctors AND the Injured Worker’s NTD if they choose to see their own family GP.