Injury Management Consultant (IMC)

Dr Lieng is an authorised WorkCover Injury Management Consultant (IMC).  An IMC is a registered medical practitioner experienced in occupational injury and workplace-based rehabilitation.  IMC review is indicated when medical information available is:

  • inadequate
  • unavailable
  • inconsistent
  • involved parties are unable to resolve the issues related to returning to work
  • Returning to work has halted and IW has not reached pre-injury hours or pre-injury duties.

IMCs are facilitators who will assist insurers, employers, workers and treating doctors find solutions to the problems in complex return to work plans and injury management.

IMCs are independent of all involved parties to ensure that management of injuries are transparent.

An IMC is not involved in the treatment of an injured worker, nor do they provide any opinion on the current treatment regime to the referrer. They assess the nature of the problem and attempt to mediate a solution through discussions with the nominated treating doctor (NTD).

A referral to an IMC is indicated when the recovery and rehabilitation of your injured worker stalls and does not move forward to pre-injury duties and hours.  If your injured worker has not returned to work full-time after 6 weeks then we recommend that an IMC should be considered to address obstacles affecting the returning to work.


Initial Injury Response