Our Services

Case Management And File Review

We have experienced consultants with industry knowledge in premium and case management.  We offer clients regular on-site case reviews with the aim to improve claim outcome irrespective of whether your Injured Worker use our facility for medical treatment or not.   Our experience taught us that management and rehabilitation issue often occurs with IW that choose to see their own family doctor and is beyond our medical reach.  However, our consultants can further assist your company with our extended management solution through our qualified Rehabilitation consultants.

We offer strategies to assist your Injured Worker towards rehabilitation and returning to work on a graduated RTW program to.  We have a team of consultants who are qualified Rehabilitation Consultants who will case conference with the Injured Worker’s NTD and assist the NTD in returning to work in a safe and timely approach.

CTP and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We offer state-specific Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) IMEs, with our commitment to quality review ensuring that all Permanent Impairment calculations are accurate and defendable.

Drug And Alcohol Testing

We conduct urine drug testing with accredited drug testing facility that complies with AS4308.

We have instant urine drug and alcohol testing that can provide instant result within 5 minutes.

All our nurses are accredited in AS4308 drug collection policy to ensure that the result will comply and be legally valid in case any legal challenge is considered.

Fitness for Duty

Fitness For Duty (FFD) assessments address the relevant issues relating to an individual’s non-compensable medical conditions and their effect on the individual’s capacity to perform their normal job role safely and efficiently. Practical advice is given regarding the management of the relevant influences and – in the case of an absence from work – the individual’s return-to-work capability in either their normal or alternative duties.

Hazardous Substance And Biological Screening

We can provide specialised medical examination and screening for hazardous substance exposures such as:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Spray Painting
  • Silicosis
  • Organophosphate
  • Benzene
  • MOCA
  • Arsenic

Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Our Occupational Physicians are experts in addressing the unique requirements of an IME report, providing these to Workers’ Compensation insurers, legal companies, insurers and other relevant parties. One such type of an IME report is a Rehabilitation Assessment.

Initial Injury Response

Injuries are stressful to both employers and employees.  We simply this process with a transport service that can bring your injured worker to us for treatment.  We have a priority telephone line to allow you to contact us for an injury.  Email notification is available if you are busy with your usual workload.

If you have an injury, give us a call and we will ensure that injuries will be seen within 4 hours of the incident.  We ensure that your injured worker be medically assessed and an independent and comprehensive report is provided to you regarding the injury and the treatment required.

By legislation, the Injured Worker (IW) has the right to choose their treating doctor and your IW may return to see his/her doctor after the consultation.  Our experience has been that most IWs are quite happy to continue seeing us after the initial consultation.  We believe that we understand and manage injuries better than the average GP as Workcover injury management is considered a medical specialty that most GPs are not fully equipped and trained for.

Our experience has shown that 99% of injuries are quite genuine, however, not all injuries are managed optimally due to poor communication between GP and employer leading to time loss.  Our ability to communicate directly with you gives your IW the confident to return to work on restricted duties with the knowledge that the employer understands their medical needs and physical limitation and will genuinely support them during their treatment and recovery period.  This trust is the element of our ability to create an enhanced outcome.

Injury Management Consultant (IMC)

Dr Lieng is an authorised WorkCover Injury Management Consultant (IMC).  An IMC is a registered medical practitioner experienced in occupational injury and workplace-based rehabilitation.  IMC review is indicated when medical information available is:

  • inadequate
  • unavailable
  • inconsistent
  • involved parties are unable to resolve the issues related to returning to work
  • Returning to work has halted and IW has not reached pre-injury hours or pre-injury duties.

IMCs are facilitators who will assist insurers, employers, workers and treating doctors find solutions to the problems in complex return to work plans and injury management.

IMCs are independent of all involved parties to ensure that management of injuries are transparent.

An IMC is not involved in the treatment of an injured worker, nor do they provide any opinion on the current treatment regime to the referrer. They assess the nature of the problem and attempt to mediate a solution through discussions with the nominated treating doctor (NTD).

A referral to an IMC is indicated when the recovery and rehabilitation of your injured worker stalls and does not move forward to pre-injury duties and hours.  If your injured worker has not returned to work full-time after 6 weeks then we recommend that an IMC should be considered to address obstacles affecting the returning to work.

Nominated Treating Doctor (NTD)

We specialise in injury management as NTD.  After the initial consultation, we provide employers and insurer a copy of the Workcover Certificate of Capacity and a report detailing the nature of the injury.  Our report will provide the employer with:

  1. What is the reported nature of the injury, the cause and the trigger?  You may be surprised what your employee said to you compared to what was said to us
  2. What were the clinical findings on examination
  3. What is the diagnosis and the possible other causes
  4. What management is required and how long it may take
  5. If your employee will be able to continue with his/her normal employment
  6. If your employee is not able to continue with his/her employment then the anticipated timeframe to return to normal employment and what are the medical limitations associated with the injury.
  7. Whether the injury is directly caused by the reported injury and any other factors that may contribute to the injury
  8. If there are any inconsistencies of the presentation that may require non-medical actions such as workplace dissatisfaction, other non-work contributing factors, exaggeration.

We will action the treatment immediately with any required treatment such as physiotherapy, medication, radiology, specialist review.

We will ensure our Workcover Certificate of Capacity contain relevant restrictions in relation to the injury sustained.  Our certificate will comply with Workcover legislation to report the impairment and limitation rather than in relation to the job.  We will minimise time lost and will advise employer of actions required to assist employees remaining at work.

We have our selected panel of services including physiotherapists, radiologists, and specialist to ensure that your injured-worker receives the best medical treatment without the unnecessary wait.  We will communicate with your insurer to ensure that they understand and fast-track all treatment requests.  In some cases, we will initiate treatment PRIOR to insurance approval to ensure that medical treatment is not ever compromised by red tape.

We have a panel of rehabilitation providers that can facilitate your injured worker rehabilitation process to ensure a medically safe and smooth transition back to the workplace during the treatment of the injury.

Occupational Physician

Occupational physicians are doctors who specialise in managing work-related conditions. They are recognised by the legal sector as having expertise in the inherent requirements of jobs, and in a person’s capacity for their particular work. Having trained for four years in occupational medicine, after completing their medical degree, occupational physicians have a unique understanding of the difficulties of a return to pre-accident work. They understand the problems experienced by injured and unwell clients with reduced capacity, including those with psychological injuries.

Permanent Impairment Assessments

We provide expert independent medical opinions in the form of Medico-legal assessments and reports. These may relate to Medical Negligence claims, CTP insurance claims or TPD insurance claims, and are structured like an Independent Medical Examination (IME) report.


We have on-site physiotherapy.   Our physiotherapists are specially trained in occupational health compared to the normal physiotherapist.  Our physiotherapist will see the injury on the date of assessment by the doctor if required and will attend to the injury prior to insurance approval to ensure that treatment is immediately initiated rather than to delay treatment leading to worsening outcome.

Our physiotherapy optimises outcome by providing 30 minutes appointment rather than the average of 15-20 minutes appointment from most other physiotherapists.

We don’t use “machines” to treat injuries as often outcome is compromised.  We focus on active exercises and focus on muscle retraining and strengthening. 

We place physiotherapist in workplaces if required to prevent and treat injuries at your site.  On-site physiotherapist can assess and treat injuries as it happens or for ongoing management to reduce down-time.  The physiotherapist will provide invaluable manual handling assessment for your company with the aim to prevent injuries from occurring.

Our physiotherapist will assess the worker for fitness ability to return to pre-injury duties on a regular basis.  If workplace manual handling problem is identified, our physiotherapist will assess the worker at the workplace to correct their technique specific to the task instead of just assessing the worker against dead weight in the gym.

We apply accelerated treatment response at the initial of injury to ensure injured workers quickly regain their function and recover rapidly.  Our accelerated treatment response has been shown to reduce the recovery timeframe and a faster returning to pre-injury duties.

Our physiotherapist will attend case conferences with the NTD to update NTD of recovery progress with a view to assist the doctor in determining the restriction on Workcover certificate of capacity.

Our physiotherapist will work with Workrecover doctors AND the Injured Worker’s NTD if they choose to see their own family GP.

Pre-employment Medical (PEM)

Selecting the right staff for your company can be a difficult process.  Finding people with the right skill sometimes does not mean that person is suited for the position.  Unfortunately applicants will always attempts to enhance their abilities and are not always medically suited for the position.

Workrecover has had extensive experience in assisting employers in the selection process with our pre-employment medical.   We understand the physical and psychological demands required for all industries and will assist you in your screening process.  Often applicants have declared injuries that may seem risky to employer but they are pro-active workers that would be a valuable asset.  Sometimes injuries were not declared to employers so that they have “a better chance” when they are clearly not suited for the position. Our years of expertise in the area will ensure that you will make a better informed choice in your staff selection.

We also provide extensive medical tests for industrial exposure including:

  1. Hazardous substance
  2. Hearing test
  3. Spirometry
  4. Chest X-ray
  5. Drug testing
  6. ECG
  7. Biological monitoring
  8. Asbestos/Silicosis

Our medical will include general biometrics, range of motion movement, urinalysis.  We will also perform a manual handling assessment with assessment of lifting capacity and technique.

We can tailor our medical assessment to your specific company need if you have already developed a specific assessment template to your industry.


We have on-site psychologist that have been specifically trained in occupational health issues.  Our psychologist assists treatment of psychosocial issues that adversely impacts on the rehabilitation and return to work process.

Often yellow flags are identified early but no acted on promptly.  We aim at early intervention of yellow flag at or before 3 months from the date of the injury.  Often yellow flags are presented as “pain” and eventually end up at pain clinic some 2-3 years down the track with virtually no treatment outcome.

Our RTW Coaching program attempts to intervene earlier at 3 months with a view to identify and manage the psychosocial aspect of the injury and change the course of the injury towards chronic pain.

Our psychologist can provide Drug rehabilitation program for various industries to facilitate any impaired workers towards rehabilitation.

Our psychologist is also involved in Employee Assistant Program.


We have a network of radiology providers across the state that recognises Workrecover and prioritise investigation needs with priority so that results are available promptly. We aim at optimising result outcome by eliminating delays and uncertainties over diagnosis that affects management outcome.

Rail Medical And Induction

We have the most extensive experience in rail safety medical.  Our doctor was amongst the first group of rail medical doctors to be accredited and authorised with over 10 years of clinical experience in rail medical.  We can provide rail medical with short notice within 48 hours.

We can conduct Rail Safety induction for RISI cards so your worker can receive both medical and induction on the same day and save you downtime.  For details of RISI training, click here

Specialised Medical Assessment

  1. Pre-employment medical
  2. Rail medical
  3. Fatigue management
  4. Trucksafe medical
  5. IFAP medical
  6. Asbestos medical
  7. Hazardous substance medical
  8. Confined space medical
  9. Dangerous good Medical


Our management of carefully selected specialists will provide urgent consultations to Injured Workers on request.  Our specialists will also ensure that they provide optimal surgical advice and treatment.  Our specialists will refer IW back to our doctors for certificates and rehabilitation.

Workplace Assessments

A Workplace Assessment can be conducted as part of the IME process to have the opportunity to thoroughly understand the demands and dynamics of the workplace. This enables us to provide a well-informed, tailored and balanced opinion on the cause of a claimed workplace injury and the individual’s capacity to return to work under a safe and suitable duties plan.

Workplace vaccination

Protecting your workforce form the winter flu has been shown to be a cost-saving operational need.  Imagine if 30% of your workforce is knocked out by an epidemic.  Such event will directly impact your company’s ability to provide an ongoing daily service to your clients but extends indirect impact due to to loss future of business opportunities when your clients have source alternative services from your competitor. 

Protecting your employee from the winter flu has amplified magnitude of outcome beyond its cost.

Certain job such as working with people in institutions, working in parks and childcare, working with sewer services can expose your employee to certain disease from the environment.

Sadly one could just walk down the street to find used syringes lying about.

We have doctors and nurses that can provide vaccination in our site or at your workplace.  We provide vaccination for influenza, Hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Offshore Oil & Gas Medicals & Assessments – OGUK (formerly UKOOA) Medicals


Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) sets a standard of fitness to be reached by anyone working in the industry here. That standard applies to the UK first and foremost but is being increasingly accepted as a worldwide indicator of health and fitness for anyone working in the oil and gas industry. In fact only recently, the Norwegian oil & gas industry (in the North Sea) have started accepting the OGUK certification, meaning there’s no longer any need to double up.