Nominated Treating Doctor (NTD)

We specialise in injury management as NTD.  After the initial consultation, we provide employers and insurer a copy of the Workcover Certificate of Capacity and a report detailing the nature of the injury.  Our report will provide the employer with:

  1. What is the reported nature of the injury, the cause and the trigger?  You may be surprised what your employee said to you compared to what was said to us
  2. What were the clinical findings on examination
  3. What is the diagnosis and the possible other causes
  4. What management is required and how long it may take
  5. If your employee will be able to continue with his/her normal employment
  6. If your employee is not able to continue with his/her employment then the anticipated timeframe to return to normal employment and what are the medical limitations associated with the injury.
  7. Whether the injury is directly caused by the reported injury and any other factors that may contribute to the injury
  8. If there are any inconsistencies of the presentation that may require non-medical actions such as workplace dissatisfaction, other non-work contributing factors, exaggeration.

We will action the treatment immediately with any required treatment such as physiotherapy, medication, radiology, specialist review.

We will ensure our Workcover Certificate of Capacity contain relevant restrictions in relation to the injury sustained.  Our certificate will comply with Workcover legislation to report the impairment and limitation rather than in relation to the job.  We will minimise time lost and will advise employer of actions required to assist employees remaining at work.

We have our selected panel of services including physiotherapists, radiologists, and specialist to ensure that your injured-worker receives the best medical treatment without the unnecessary wait.  We will communicate with your insurer to ensure that they understand and fast-track all treatment requests.  In some cases, we will initiate treatment PRIOR to insurance approval to ensure that medical treatment is not ever compromised by red tape.

We have a panel of rehabilitation providers that can facilitate your injured worker rehabilitation process to ensure a medically safe and smooth transition back to the workplace during the treatment of the injury.